Cloudy Lucerne

It was cloudy on the day I visited Lucerne. I had a feeling that I am missing part of the view because mountains were hiding behind clouds. However, a short walk was really pleasant. To my surprise cosy Lucerne was full of tourists, chatting in local cafes and making selfies on the bridges. Meanwhile, the local people preferred a quite embankment.












How can you not love it?

This year I moved to another country and  ran away from winter. It chased me with tons of snow, brought me so much fun on the slopes and… ran away from me. Now the grass is green, birds are singing and I am staring at the mountains, hoping that winter will be back with it’s sports adventures.

Last year I had a chance to be a part of Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer. I have always loved winter sports, watching athletes compete with mountains, snow, ice and gravity. There is so much adrenaline, beauty and emotions. How can you not love it?











The medal is not always a victory

The medal does not always stand for victory. Sometimes an athlete stands on the podium of the award ceremony and does not feel happy. He should feel like a winner, but finishing second or third means that another competitor was stronger. Athletes are fighters and have big goals, so silver or bronze does not always bring joy, especially if someone snatched your ticket to the Olympics. Even if that someone is your friend.

I took these shots in Trakai (Lithuania), where kids, young athletes and best canoe and kayak rowers competed. Some of them fought for their right to become Olympians in Rio de Janeiro.

canoe kayak Trakai

canoe kayak Trakai

canoeing and kayaking in Trakai

canoe kayak Trakai

Henrikas Zustautas Trakai

kayak Trakai

kayak Trakai

kayak Trakai

Aurimas Lankas Edvinas Ramanauskas Trakai



Go Baku

I visited Azerbaijan for the first time last summer and I hope it was not my last time in Baku. I have spent almost a month there working during the first European Games and got a little time to investigate the city, but I really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. Baku is rich in culture and crazy about sports. So, when anyone asks me “Where should I go for holiday?”, I always say “Go Baku”.

baku (1 of 10)

baku (4 of 10)

baku (5 of 10)

baku (6 of 10)

baku (7 of 10)

baku (8 of 10)

baku (9 of 10)

baku (10 of 10)



Where horses are

There is a place in Lithuania where horses and people live in pure harmony. Everyone in the family takes care of beautiful horses. It is their job and their lifestyle. The atmosphere in their home is very special. It calming and peaceful. The connection between humans and these beautiful creatures is unbelievable – it embraces understanding, love and respect.

two horses in a field


boy and two horses


siluette of a horse


dialogue between a boy and a horse

beautiful horse 2


angry cat


beautifufl horse


a horse is a friend